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Audio knock and ECU input at the same time

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Hi Guys

Fist time post, I've just finished a Lancia Stratos replica build, running an Alfa Romeo 3.2V6. Using a Haltech elite 2500. Everything going well with a basic setup and driving around, soon to head to the Dyno

About to Order a Link Knock Block and will make up a patch lead to connect to the 2 factory knock sensors. Just wondering if it is possible to have the sensors connected to both the Haltech and the knock block at the same time? be nice to be able to listen and log the signal.

Not sure if the input impedance is high enough on both units? maybe add some series capacitors? or not worth messing with the signal and just use Audio for the initial setup?



The knockblock comes with its own sensors. You may find somewhere near the existing ones to bolt them, or worst case I have stacked them on top before with a longer bolt and it still seems to couple ok.

Thanks for the Reply Adam, Think I'll be using the sensors already on the engine they are just a standard bosch type, and unfortunately they are impossible to get to, in the valley of the V under the water manifold. I guess i may be able to find somewhere else to mount a second set, 1 for the knockblock and 1 for the ecu, but would be a lot easier to run both off the same sensors with a y cable

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