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Audio Knocking detection tools

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Hi guys ...

I want to ask what is the best audio tools for knocking detection ... and where i can find it if i want to order it online ...

I use Phormula for Knock Detection.

The three common products that our members are using include the Plex Knock Monitor, The Link G4+ Knock Block and the Phormula. I've used the first two and can confirm they are both great tools. i haven't personally used the Phormula however many of our members have great success with this product.

I'm currently using the Phormula KS4-Pro kit and am more than happy with it, having the visual display is always an extra peace of mind as it has alarms and outputs which I have wired to my dyno to allow datalogging of the signals along side all the other information.

If you're just after a purely audio kit then the Link is pretty hard to beat, especially on price but there's no denying that the Plex is currently the best in market just now

I own the Plex and it's a fantastic bit of gear.