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Available IAT sensors (Forced induction) ?

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Apart from the clunky GM type IAT sensor what other fast response IAT sensors are available?

Preferable with an available calibration curve.


How about this one:


With multi channel K type amplifiers so cheap these days I just plan on one with every build I do. Makes it very easy to do intake deltas whever I want as well as gives me more than enough inputs for drivetrain monitors.

Thanks for the input, the Bosch sensor looks ok

Though I'm not quite sure if it is tough enough to survive 20PSI?

It's basically a diode in a glass casing with no 'safety net' around it ..

There was a recent thread in the Facebook Guild of EFI Tuners group regarding IAT sensors; I personally had previously purchased the T1's since they are GTR Motec nerds and use the best available parts.


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