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B18CR Turbo with new fuel setup wont start

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Hey Guys,

Im having major issues getting my B18CR Turbo EG hatch started after adding a bunch of new parts for the turbo setup. When the car was non turbo and basically stock i had it running well on the Link G4+ PNP ECU followed all the first startup instructions and started first pop and ran like a dream.

Ive now added a turbo setup and changed the injectors for a set of 1000cc Xspurt and a DW200 fuel pump which i have hard wired and i have had major issues getting it to start and especially cold start. I have had it running a few times since the new fuel system has been added which to get it started i just played with the Master Fuel number till it started sounded better and it did crank for a while with a bit of jumping around before starting but it did start. Since then i played around with the crank enrich (took like 20% out of the 2d table) to get it to start easier which worked sort of ok but still a long way from being right.

So just to clarify : -

Old setup - Standard 240cc injectors - standard fuel pump - standard fuel pressure reg

New Setup - Xspurt 1000cc injectors - DW200 Pump - Standard fuel pressure reg

Once it was running i was adjusting the fuel map and master fuel and it was running well at idle but as soon as i killed it and tried to restart was very hard even when warm.

Now it just wont start at all and doesnt even have any encouraging noises when cranking like it did before. I have cleaned the plugs multiple times as they were a bit fouled from all the super rich starting and still nothing.

Im pretty sure its fuel related issue but im now a bit lost as to where to go as any adjustments are having no effect at all.

Happy to take a log to show you guys whats going on (maybe a bit of instruction on the best way to do this and what parameters to log would help as im a bit of a newb).



Hello Kenian

if the plugs have had a few leans start with a fresh set have you set up the injector data for the new injectors

Regards Ross

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