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Hello everyone,

Like everyone knows retarding timing will cause backfiring but is there anyway that could make those backfires even stronger, like increasing or decreasing fuel at the RPM limit table?


Are you referring to the over-run area of the map or a steady throttle state, like a launch control situation?

We talked about this during/after a webinar on overrun fuel cut, the fuel cut is designed to increase mpg, if you deactivate it you leave the injectors able to still fire fuel into the chamber whilst off throttle:


I was talking about the table om the cutoff, i usally retard the igntion to create backfiring so for example if the cutoff was on 6500 RPM then i would set the igntion for all the loads in the 6500 colum to -60 but is there anything that i could do with the fuel, i dont think that it is a good idea to reduce the fuel at the cutoff but maybe if i create some columns after the cutoff for example 6350, 6450 and ruduce the fuel there or increase it will it have any effect?

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