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New to tuning

hp tuners 6.0 ls small cam

? how do you determine idle timing

right now iam at 22 idle motor is knock limited to 25 at 5-6k rpm

so my timing ramp from 22 to 25

another ? Should i raise timing where it dosent knock until it does and then lower it

Just to be clear, knock at idle is not a concern, by which i mean you won't be able to make the engine knock. It sounds like you may have two separate questions. At idle you'll want to take advantage of the adaptive idle to help control idle speed. normally this would swing the timing between perhaps 0-25 degrees. i actually find that with a mild cam you may want to dull down the factory timing trim tables a little - I'd start by multiplying the adaptive idle tables by 0.5-0.75 to reduce the timing swing. You'll also need to target a higher idle speed than stock with a cam. For a mild cam an extra 50-100 rpm should be enough.

The other part of your question sounds like you're looking at optimising WOT timing at lower rpm. The ideal way of course is on the dyno so you know what the engine wants. on pump gas you're most likely going to be knock limited so using the KR as a guide is your best option if you're not going to use a dyno.

Thxs Andre,

i guess i didnt ask the ?? The right way.

first ?

idles at 750

cam is 227 @50 600 lift 113

at idle is there a way to determine what the motor likes best for idle quality,

right now iam at 22* and yes it swings up and down a few degrees

but would it be better at 10,15,18

and i have damped down the over under tables

stft are pretty steady between 2and -2

next is at wot yes it knocks at 5000rpm at 27* so i moved down to 25 and it dosent knock anymore ,

so from 3000 to 5000 it ramps up from 22 to 25

? should i try to raise timing at lower rpm wot ,so maybe at 3500 run 25 or more to see if it knocks then back up the timing

finally it was tuned on a dyno

and when i got it back it was knocking wot

surging and stalling at idle and part throttle and so on drivability was terrible

which let me to buy hp tuners and take your courses

and i was able to fix all those problems

Thxs Buddy