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basemap for 13b link g4 + storm

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HI as the title says im looking for a basemap for the 13b with link g4 + storm..

do any of you guys have one that you could share?

i can only find one for the link g4 + xtreme and plugin module..

best regards Leo

hi leo how come you dont use that as a starting point /

Hi Leo,

I would use that as a base to populate your tables, then just edit the inputs and outputs to match yours and you should be not far off.

Hi everyone ! thanks for answering my question, i guess that i assumed that i would't be able to upload the map to the storm since it is a extreme map ? wont the ecu tell me that it isn't suitable with the storm ?

best regards Leo

You will be able to use the Xtreme map as a starting point. Really beyond the trigger setup, it's the fuel and ignition maps that you're probably most interested in (I'd treat both with a fair degree of caution btw). You can always copy these maps from the base map to the clipboard and then paste them into your map if you like (I just have two copies of PCLink open simultaneously.

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