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Best way to determine Cruse and light load areas on a map or finding the right resolution?

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so particularly where to start the transition area and how high in kpa can you push it into boost.. Im having a issue in my map to where my idle and cruse conflict as i go wide open it goes right through my cruse or am i worry about something that doesn't matter since its there for faction of a second?

whats the big worry?

Go for a drive and you will find out what sections cruise and light\medium loads end up at.

I run stoichmetric into boost till my TPS reaches over a certain %

I guess because my car cruses at a low rpm and low load so it's near my idle rpm ant that set to 14.0 afr and id like to be at 14.7 or 15.2 during cruse and i cant seem to get the resolution right

I'm not sure I see how this is an issue unless you're trying to cruise right on the idle speed which seems unlikely?

As far as resolution goes, I can count on one hand the number of times I've had zones spaced tighter than 250 rpm (Vtec systems aside), so this is probably as tight as you would typically need to go.

For a naturally aspirated engine I typically target stoich until I'm above about 60% TPS or 90 kPa at low rpm (0-3500 or thereabouts) . As the rpm increases I drop the transition down to perhaps 25-30% TPS at redline. This ensures you're only commanding WOT AFR targets when there is reasonable load on the engine.

i guess i just need to trust interpolation what i was getting at is in my afr target map from idle my bin go 200,750,1250,1850 or so, 200-1250 im commanding 14.0 and at 1850 i'm 15.2 as my engine ramps up the arf target it angles right through my top left corner of my cruse area is this wrong because it leans for a sec before it transitions into boost but those bins seem to be my lower cruse bins so if i change then then my economy goes away , is there a down side to having idle resolution set so its centered in one bin or a larger group. maybe i'm not spacing things out like i should

I think you're probably overthinking this. If I've understood you correctly you're worried about the momentary lean target as you move from idle or low rpm towards WOT? Provided your target AFR is confined to the lower loads then this should only be a momentary transition when there really is little load on the engine. I've never found a situation where I couldn't target the sort of AFRs I wanted for idle, cruise and WOT without impacting on other regions of the engine's operation though.

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