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BMW B58 Coolant Temp Sensor Calibration

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I'm looking for the exact sensor calibration of the Coolant and Cylinder Temperature Sensor found on late BMW engine, like B58.



You have provided the exact calibration for this sensor.

There will be variance on what the required calibration for your application is as some ECU's will want a resistance value, and if the value needs to be a voltage, it will depend on the strength of the pullup on the temp sensor input (1k pullup to 5V, 3k1 pullup to 5V, 3k3 pullup to 5V) and the ECU input impedance (10k-1m)

As nathan said, you have the standard calibration data there - if you want it "exact", as in a much tighter tolerance for resistance to temperature, you're going to have to manually check it yourself.

Of course, the picture I posted shows the rough calibration. However, I need the exact calibration in a tabular format. The resolution of the picture is much too low on high temperatures.

There are not too many ntc ceramic brews used in the automotive world. Most 2252ohm@25C sensors have a beta value of 3947 and by checking a couple of points it looks like this sensor does.

So, you can use an online calculator such as this one: https://www.lasercalculator.com/ntc-thermistor-calculator/, enter 2252 as your reference resistance, 25°C as your reference temp, and 3947 as your beta. You can then use the calc to determine the resistance at any other temp.

There are many other similar tools around, some of which can even convert to voltage based on a specified pull-up at the same time, but I find this one the most simple if your cal table can take resistance directly.

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