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BMW e36 320i turbo

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Hey everyone, I know what most will say "just get a m52b28" but you see I'm a 16 year old with 3k$ and a dream of 300hp,

So my question to everyone is has anybody done this, and would it be possible.

My goal is 300hp I will start off with premade everything and as things break I will replace it with something better.

My main dilemma at the moment is if it's going to be possible at all without blowing up the motor, I'd anyone here has had that experience please let me know what to avoid other than to not turbo the car.

Current parts list is as follows:

T3/T4 turbo

Ebay intercooler kit

Ebay top mount manifold

Manual boost controller

Wastegate whatever I can find for around 100-150$

*The list goes on but the most important art listed already

It would be great if someone with tuning experience can guide me along this, thanks for the attention!

What are you doing for fuel and ignition control?

This sounds like a RUD* in the making, you are wanting to double the output of the engine (148hp stock) by bolting a turbo kit onto it, without any supporting modifications. These engines have an 11:1 compression ratio, so putting a bar of boost into it will place a lot of stress on the engine and most likely run it into the knock region. You will probably find that you need larger injectors to provide enough fuel as well.

I'm all for DIY, but this sounds like a quick way to burn up a fair chunk of money.

* For those that aren't space nerds as well, a RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly) is the technical term used by SpaceX to describe the destruction of a rocket due to a failure leading to an explosion.

Currently I'm looking into a PNP standalone from RM https://lowcostracingsolutions.co.uk/pnp-standalone-ecu-s/36-62-bmw-m50-plug-and-play-standalone-ecu-320i-520i-325i-525i-7427248066354.html#/39-accessories-just_ecu

I'm not sure if it has been tested yet, but it seems promising.

For fuel I'm thinking of using m52b28 injectors with the fuel pump from an m52b28.

Let me know what you think of this, thanks

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