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BMW N54 Twin-Turbo Exhaust Temperature measurement

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Hey guys,

I'd like to measure the Exhaust gas temperature of my BMW 335i N54.

The problem is there are no parameter values listed in my diagnose module. And I can't find any Temp Sensor in the exhaust pipe.

Is there any possibility to get the exhaust temperature in front of the catalytic converters during a test drive?

Best regards from Germany


On most late model cars the exhaust temperature is modelled rather than measured directly with a sensor. Whether or not you can view and log this parameter would depend on the vehicle and the scan tool you're using. Your only other option is to fit your own thermocouple pre turbo however this is a costly exercise as you need to remove the turbo and manifold in order to fit the sensor.

Okey thank you,

So I think I will look for another diagnose tool.

Could you recommend one for Bmw ?

Sorry I don't deal much with BMW so I can't really offer much advice here.