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Dear Sir,

I have made a custom setup for my car because there is no RHD kit for my car.

So the details are as follows.

The car is in limp mode right after the installation of the parts. I am having issues with wastegate and going mafless i guess.

This is my first setup and i really dont know about turbo stuff.

Currently i am running MAFless

Secondly i am running a an external mechanical wastegate. ( the stock is internal electrical wastegate )

I am stuck in limp mode past Few days and could not find what to do.

Things to do

Disable electronic wastegate

Disable MAF

Get the car out of limp mode

Remote Custom tuning

Devices i have ( just for info )

Virgin state “dimsport mygenius”

The details are as follows.

Bmw 2016

N55 Active hybrid

Turbo PTE 6262 top mount

Turbo custom manifold

750cc injectors

stock lpfp ( stage 2 ordered )

Chargepipe custom

Phoenix intake manifold

Wagner Intercooler with custom piping

Downpipe catless

Stock mufflers ( maybe go straight if needed )

Spark plugs ngk 97506

Diverter valve used from original turbo as BOV

Tial 44mm wastegate ( electric wastegate harness attached to get rid of check light )

TMap sensor 3.5 upgrade ( ordered )

WMI kit AEM ( installed, wiring not done )

attached the code error file. help



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Outside my experience, but any of those is likely to throw up a limp mode. If possible, I would do what I could to restore those missing items, and check on-line to see if the two unknown codes could be identified.

With the right diagnostic tool, you may be able to disable those error codes completely but, again, not my field.

Rather than try making do, it may be a better choice both for your time, and financially, to check out what ECU options the aftermarket offers, as that may give you the option of selecting the parameters you want the vehicle to run on?

It seems that you are using bm3 for tunning, the FX N55 cars can run mafless without any problem the main issue of getting into limp mode is the EWG system disconnected. I have not done any EWG big turbo change, but you can try to find N55 PWG rom to flash and try to control boost via PWG.