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boost control and water/meth question

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Hi all,

been pondering this a while now. i have a link extreme ecu and an aem water/meth kit. i have the boost safe output from the ecu wired to a digital input. the the meth kit is active and working i have a 4D fuel and igniton and 2nd boost map enabled to make use of the water/meth. once this kit throws and error the 4d tables are disabled and the boost drops to table 1 which essentially 0 duty cycle.

so here is my question: i want to do a 3rd boost table to run a lil more boost when needed. i was thinking of putting that on a physical switch but i also want the protection that if the meth kit fails i would go back to Boost table 1.

is this possible to do?

Hello yes it is possible you can utilize the virtual aux tables to add the di input into the conditions

Regards ross

hey Ross, thanks i'll try something and report back

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