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Hi Andre,

I need your help with boost on my golf ecu haltech sport 2000. When I am with car on dyno , boost is on 4 gear corectly but if I am on road I have on all gear different boost(1.gear 2.2bar, 2.gear 2.5bar, 3.gear 2.8bar, 4.gear 3bar)

Do you have got any idea how change setting.

My set up you have in annex.

Thank you very much


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Hi Ales,

If you're using open loop control it's not unusual to see the boost step up like you mention as the amount of load on the engine varies based on gear. Closed loop should however fix this when tuned properly so your problem is unusual.

There are a couple of options to deal with this. Personally for a drag application I've always used open loop boost control based off gear or road speed. You could do this and then adjust the base duty settings to suit road speed and achieve your boost targets. This allows quick adjustment at the track once you have your boost curve dialled in.

Alternatively you could use open loop control and leave the table based off rpm and tune it to achieve your target boost in maybe 1st or second gear. You could then use the open loop gear trims to reduce the duty in the higher gears to keep the boost on target,

If you want to use closed loop control, I would start by adding some more proportional gain as this will give a larger response to an error in your boost level. Too much proportional gain will end up with oscillation though and this can be reduced by adding derivative gain. You should be able to get good results with just the PID gains however you may also need to use the closed loop gear trims to reduce the duty cycle in higher gears to avoid over boost.

I hope that helps you.


quick hijack,

I have heard that the haltech boost control is "useless".

now im sure compared to M1 ecu's it would be lacking, but is it still better than stand alone boost controllers?

should I keep the electronic boost controller or is the "poor" haltech system still better?

Hey Josh,

Honestly at this point I can't comment as I haven't really had the opportunity to really stretch the legs on the Haltech - It's hard with our Z for example to achieve any amount of boost ;)

More often than not the boost control issues are down to setup and configuration problems though as most people don't understand how to properly tune a PID control algorithm. Our new boost control course should help with this.

Personally where possible I try and use the ECU for boost control where possible. I'm not a fan of adding a bunch of additional controllers if I can do the same task with the ECU I've already paid for.

Hi Andre,

thank you for your answer. It helps me very much. I will make it how you write i will use open loop boost control. Now I am trying it on dyno and it looks very good.



Happy that helped you Ales.