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Boost control on 4AGZE

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Hi, Just wondering if it is possible, & if anyone has installed a boost control valve ( Mac ) on a supercharged 4AGZE.

( what piping route is used ?)

If this is possible, is there any mandatory (&/or recommendations ) for settings when used with a LINK ecu.

- Thanks -


What are you planning to control with the Mac valve?

What style supercharger is fitted?

Hi Mike,

I have the standard SC12 fitted, with the standard ByPassValve & control valve . I have been running an oversized pulley so it's running higher than the standard boost.

From what I believe is that the bypass value tends to leek when running Over the standard boot.

(please correct me if I'm wrong) My understanding is that the bypass is Open when running with No boost /SC off - Then when in Boost the / SC on, the Bypass valve is Closed.

Im wanting (if possible) to remove the original gear/ control valve, and run a new MAC valve - controlled by a Link ecu.

- thanks -

OK I'm not familiar with which exact valve you have or how it may work, but yes, a supercharger bypass valve is usually set up to be open allowing flow while the intake manifold is under vacuum, and then close while in boost.

The MAC valve wouldn't allow you to apply more boost to keep it shut than what's already present in the intake manifold, so if the concern is the valve leaking in boost then I don't see how the MAC valve would help. It sounds like you need a bypass valve that's more capable of handling the high pressure. I've had good success with Tial BOVs in supercharged applications, plus they sound cool, in case that helps.

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