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As the title says, my boost graph is pretty jagged, I was having problems with occasional spikes while doing pulls so I decided to zero open loop duty and do another run to see what the graph would look like, I've attached the file. The car is a Nissan Silvia with an rb26 engine. Mods are as follows, Gt2860-5 turbos, kelford 272 10.25 lift cams, built bottom end 1000cc ID injectors. My map source is the runner between the itbs and the head plumbed in where the pcv valve was. The head has a catch can setup. I've rechecked the plumbing to the aem 3 port boost controller and everything is ok, did a boost leak check and nothing, is there anything I'm missing?

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Hello i can not work out the hz it is running at here but if it is adjustable try raising or lowering it by 10 percent

this may help smooth it

Hi, thanks for answering, the frequency I ran the solenoid at was 18 Hz, I'll change it and make some pulls and see how it looks. I'll post the results.

Problem found! After another run this morning with the same result I decided to test the actuators. The front actuator bleeds off pressure so I'll be shopping for an actuator. Thanks again.