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Boost issue

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Hello, I am having issues with my 99 integra. I am trying to tune it on AEM infinity for the first time and im having issues with WOT tuning on low cam. Car runs great but starts misfiring in higher boost levels. My wastegate is set to 7psi and the car runs fine. As soon as I want to give it more than that the car starts misfiring, almost like it's hitting a cut. Nothing like that should be on in the software (triple checked).

spark plugs, coils, injectors, fuel filter, fuel pump, crank sensor, vacuum lines are all new. no vacuum leaks found. no boost leaks found. compression all 180, played around with plug gap .016-.026

I attached a clip of me doing some pulls to show what it looks like. and the logs from those runs on the clip. Id really appreciate any help as im stuck


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Hey Junior,

It could be because you are blowing spark at higher boost. Are you using OEM coils / wiring or upgraded ones? I know nothing about these engines and not much about the Infinity range of ECUs, but on the engines I'm familiar with when everything is fine at lower boost and suddenly it cuts at higher boost, spark is the first thing I would be looking at.

Hope it helps,


What ignition system are you using, which coils, which spark plugs?

Which engine, cams, valve springs, and turbo (including turbine housing a/r)?

I ask because ignition side as Frank mentioned, or valve float, are common causes of misfire if it doesn't occur til you turn up the boost.

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