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boost lag

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have a 2001 audi tt 1.8t, 2litre stroker gtx3076r t3 .63ar 3" exhaust and mild IE cam dual spring and ti retainers, i am running eurodyne mastro tuning suite, the car will not build boost now set at 15psi until 4800 5000 rpm and it is really sluggish getting there, wot no boost afr is at 10.8-11 and in boost sits around 11.2 not sure if there is anything i can adjust in the tune to make this thing spool sooner, timing , fuel , etc.. any help would be appreciated thanks

What are the cam specs?

A VW/Audi post... right up my ally. lol Especially since I'm a Eurodyne dealer also. lol

What are you using to control boost, stock N75 or EBC? If EBC which one? I run this exact turbo on a couple of my clients VWs including one of my MK1 Rabbit. Love it.

You're running really rich during WOT no boost, try trimming the fuel to 13:1 in WOT no boost and see how that helps liven up the engine.

Is the turbo internally gated or external?

Also, are your cams dialed in at all?

I've attached a picture of two boost curves, the one with less boost generated a significant more power, cam and ignition timing were adjusted also the fueling trimmed to proper levels. As you can see it doesn't come on boost till later and obviously runs less boost overall but it also increased the VE of the engine and we ran out of fuel capability form the fuel pump and once that was changed the injectors.

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thanks for the reply guys, i am using a manual hallman pro bc, the intake cam is the IE street cam , external gate turbosmart 38, i dont think this cam is not wild enough to have that much effect without being degreed, yes it could def be better if it was so i dont want to sound as if im saying cams dont need degreeing but this one is still on a stock cam gear, i degree every honda engine i assemble andi see huge power gains from that but not really any lag conditions due to it just from what ive seen on the dyno, i will try and lean the wot, and i have zero knock count so i might try and add some timing and see if it changes anything thanks for the help

I did some datalogging this weekend of a 2.0T TSI which we just strapped a GTX3076 .72 A/R T25. It is a special T25 which offers FULL T3 flow according to ATP. So basically this is a bigger A/R then what you're running, but it will definitely gives you an idea.

Full boost currently is spring pressure of ~14psi and hits that at 4300rpm.

Your WOT (no boost) is WAY rich, that's definitely causing you some lag.

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