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Has anyone here tried Bootmod 3? I own an M5 f10 and would like to enable burble or pop and bang but can't trust the tuner which has no proven record to map my car.

there is evolve in the UK which charges £800 to remap but I want to learn and have mapped few cars using link g4 with low boost but that was friends and hit and miss as still learning.

I don't dare doing my own m5 as margin for error is very small and specially with reflashing.

there is also JB4 which as I understand changes the signal so higher boost and lets ecu auto tune workout the ignition and timings. They are well known but does not let you do pop and bang.


finally another bootmod3 buddy hahaha. if all your wanting is pops and bangs then its selectable in the bootmod3 options list before flashing. you just select the stock map and choose how aggressive you want the pops and bangs on a sliding scale but god they get annoying after a while. ive took mine off. you dont have to choose one of the ''off the shelf '' maps. the ''off the shelf'' maps such as stage 1 and 2 are very conservatative timing wise so are quite '' safe ''. however if you are wanting to learn how to map using bootmod3 i would highly recommend against it. its very very complex and is far from a beginner platform. its a torque request system and half the tables dont have units. The fueling and ignition tables are just standard stuff but theres an almost unlimited amount of torque vs load tables that are mind boggling. im only just starting to figure it out.

there are plenty of reputable tuners on bootmod3 that you can request a tune from and it is done using a cloud based system. they give you a base map to flash onto the car, then you do some logs using a lap top. They can then access the logs and send you over new adjusted revisions of the map to flash until perfected.

have a look around on social media and forums for the best bmw tuner. a lot of people use cary jordan or paul johnson for example

Cool thanks bud, sounds like you don’t like the software:)

I read your lost before posting and saw you unhappy with their customer service

as I understand you won’t pay for off the shelf maps once you buy a license, right?

If you request modifications, do they see charge extra for every back and forth?

Are tuners can you see their track record and choose a map before you flash it.

I wonder if you have tried stage 2 with de cat which is what I want to try.

the customer service is very good in all other aspects its just they wont help people who want to go out and do their own mapping. they hold the information close but their are ways of finding out if you go searching the deepest depths of google.

how it work is you pay the 500 or so dollars for the licence which is then locked to your vin number. with this licence you get to choose one map from the ''off the shelf '' section. extra maps are around 50 dollars extra for each one. if you want a custom map doing these are around 4 to 500 dollars extra dependng on the tuner.

yes if you ask for a custom tune and you have say two decats, an intercooler and an induction kit at for example 1 bar of boost you will pay the 4-500 custom remap charge. if then 6 months later you decide you want to run 2 bar boost and race fuel you will obviously have to pay 4-500 dollars for another custom map, but this will depend on the tuner. but the back and forth map tweaks/revisions while building up from the base map are free until you get the perfected tune.

best place to see tuners track record is social media or google using peoples experiences. facebook groups are best for this.

i have tried the stage 2 off the shelf map yes. it runs about 7 degrees less timing advance on wide open throttle but about 3 psi more than my custom map. so to say its reserved is an understatement. id always recommend a custom map, its light years difference in terms of driveability

some updates coming to bootmod3 soon are upto 4 switchable maps will be available to choose on the fly via the steering wheel and rolling anti lag.

Thanks, very valuable info and it is hit and miss finding this info on the net

when you say it is reserved, you basically saying it is not much or difference and very conservative?

evolve claims around 710 at wheel but wonder whether I should do it or just buy jb4 but I like the pop and bangs

issue with someone like evolve is you can't go back and make small changes and everytime there is a charge but guess that is life

from you said, probably will stay away from bootmode, too many unknowns

yes its very conservatative in my opinion. stay away from jb4 as well it just messes with signals to increase boost/timing and a lot of cars have ran dangerously lean using that system and really it isnt a good thing to have on your car. evolve seem to have a good reputation. they race at a few events i take part in and they have some really impressive demo cars.

Cool, who do you use in the UK?

re jb4 running lean, did you see this on forums:)?

I thought their reputation meant device was sound but I guess there is limit to ecu

i dont use anyone bud i map my own cars.

yes its well documented on forums and social media.

no a jb4 its a piggy back device that plugs inbetween the sensors and ecu and intercepts sensor data being fed back to the ecu ( wastegate and map sensor i believe ) and the jb4 manipulates those signal and feeds back a different signal so that the ecu is fooled into running different engine conditions. if you are going to choose between a JB4 and bootmod3 id go bootmod3.

How do you map you own car, using boot mode or another ecu flasher for m5?

i am currently learning and experimenting with bootmod3 on my car yes. previous cars i have used other software

On bootmode custom map, can you read the stats and do tunning from scratch ?

I don't know what evolve uses but thinking they can map my car and then use bootmode to fine tune which probably won't be able to decode their map.

I am not great with reflash so learning ...

yes you can start from a basic stock map. no you cant use multiple softwares on one ecu for a map sorry. you will also find that tuners using bootmod3 lock their maps so that people cant view it which stops people then copying the map and selling it on.

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