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Bosch 0261231006 doughnut Knock sensor into AEM series 1 EMS

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Hi guys,

I have decided to go with an integrated knock sensor into my current setup which is a (as soon as i integrate the knock detection) high boost Honda LS-Vtec running AEM EMS series 1. The setup I am aiming for is a fast spooling high horsepower car for road racing. The car is tuned by me (thanks to HPA :) ) Anyways I have integrated boost per gear, however, I want knock detection using the Bosch doughnut knock sensor. I'm not worried about calibration, just unsure of the installation from the sensor to the ecu. I am including info for referance to help. Any help would be awesome. What I've gathered from my research; 1 wire to the knock sensor pin at PIN# D6, then the other wire goes to a 0V pin. my question is which pin would you guys recommend the 0V wire go to?

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Connect the other pin on the knock sensor to one of the pins labeled 'Sensor Ground' or 'Analog Ground'. Pins B14, B22, D11 or D12 should work.

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