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Bosch 150psi fluid pressure and temp sensor

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I recently got a bosch fluid pressure and temp sensor for my build from Haltech.

i had a problem with the terminals getting stuck in my crimp tool and i am now left with no terminals/pins.

does anyone happen to know what part number the terminals/pins are and where i can find them?

I can’t find any info anywhere online

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Perhaps it's the Bosch BDK series terminals like shown in this connector kit.


Here's a place in the UK with BDK terminals that might be able to help you:


Hi David,

they are not the correct ones unfortunately.

I think these are the correct ones - https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/products_id/3311

problem is I can’t find anything in UK that is the same and i need them ASAP so getting them sent over from the US is not an option

They go in to this bosch connector -


So if you follow the links to the associated parts, they show the terminal, and mention it's also BMW terminal # 12527545852, and is used in a C7 Corvette O2 Sensor -- you should be able to cross something with those starting points.


Tried cross referencing all the various connectors and got nothing this end. All links up back to the US.

In the end i spent a good couple of hours searching through all the different types of terminals on a uk supplier site and come across some that look identical. Have ordered and fingers crossed they fit

Does anyone know how to put the terminals in to the connector? I have finally crimped all the wires but the terminals do not want to slide in to the connector

this is the connector


Did you remove the blue "wedge lock" face? The terminals should then go in, and the wedge lock re-installed to keep them from coming loose by accident.

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