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Bosch 403 Greys injectors info latency

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hello.someone could share latency or INJECTOR DEAD TIME of Bosch 0280150403 Greys injectors? pleasei need them to start tuning un right direction.

thanks a lot.best regards

hello sorry for the delay i am pretty sure it is listed in the motec software

thanks You ross.

Will looking for in motec software.


Hi. Did you find correct dead times for this injectors?

What ECU are you planning on using the data with?

I am using Haltech Elite 1500 ecu. Car has this injectors Bosch 0280150403 with 3bar fuel pressure. I searched over the internet and only what I found they are 506cc and 2.5ohm resistance. If anyone have dead times for this injectors, that would be great!?


I cannot guarantee that these will work with the Haltech as different ECU's use different drivers for the Injection outputs.

(μsec) 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0

8V 980 1100 1180 1260

10V 620 720 760 840

12V 540 600 640 680

14V 400 460 480 520

15V 340 400 420 460

Thanks... will test it. Where did you find these?

They are the figures for the MoTeC Mx00 ECU's.

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