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Bosch or Aftermarket 4 Bar Map Sensor

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Hi all,

My Focus RS using this 3 bar map sensor from Bosch as standard equipment:


I'm trying to find out what the 4 bar equivalent would be from a form factor perspective. I realize that I could go aftermarket with someone like Omnipower but from doing searches online it seems that the majority of the posts that I'm finding are about reliability issues concerning those sensors.

Anyone know what I would need from Bosch or if there's an aftermarket 4bar in that form factor that you'd recommend?

Is the one about 10 spots down on this page what you are after (note - Australian website)?


Bosch Part Number 0 281 002 576

kPa / #

10...115: 0 261 230 030

20...250: 0 261 230 042

20...300: 0 281 002 437

50...350: 0 281 002 456

50...400: 0 281 002 576 (B 261 260 508 on the PDF)

But, if I may ask, why do you need a 4 bar map sensor ?

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Is the pressure sensor still in the boost pipes on your focus? If so I'd recommend switching to an actual MAP source with the Syvecs

Hi Chris,

From my understanding there are 2 pressure sensors on the Focus. One on the intercooler and one in the actual intake manifold. In my Syvecs calibration there's only one map sensor input used so I imagine it's the one in the manifold.

That's good, on the MK2 RS they only have the one in the IC pipework, the Syvecs base map for these uses TPS as it's load scale to get the car running

TPS instead of MAP? That's interesting. Wouldn't have thought that Syvecs would go that route for a turbo car. Or am I misunderstanding?

It's done that way to allow the installer to have a MAF delete crossover pipe made and the car will run, TPS vs RPM with a MAP compensation as the MAP sensor is in a boost pipe the off boost areas wouldn't be under proper control.

The Bosch document linked above by Ludo: Map-Sensor-Technical-Specification.pdf

Is a ripper, but a bit dated and doesn't have all the package dimensions of some sensors I'm looking at. Anyone know where to find a more current one?

I've been scrounging through the Bosch sites for hours but can only find fluff, nothing technical like that

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