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What is your opinion on breaking in new engine bearings and rings ...

G'day Mark.

Everyone does seem to have a different opinion on this. What's worked for me is to try and keep the engine loaded as much as possible for the first couple of hours of running, but not needlessly thrashing it. I tend to fill out the steady state part of the tune on a fresh engine, drop the oil and filter and have a good look through it. If nothing looks amiss, new filter, fill it back up, and get to the ramp runs :-).

There was an Engineering Explained video on oils a while ago, and I remember them saying it was fine to run synthetic oils when running in an engine. I've always listened to the idea of running a mineral oil for the run in period. It's always worked for me, and I'm an old grumpy bastard that hates to change his ways ;-).

Ahhh, found it, @2:25:

Hi Zac,

thanks alot for your input. Really cleared some thoughts going through my mind :)