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hi .

i have a subaru STI 2005 with ej25 engine . one piston sleeve was broken yesterday . i have attached some image .if you can tell me if this is a knock signs and if this is a fault from the tuning (to lean AFR,or advanced ignition time).thank you for helping

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That is some heavy rust* for something that just broke the day before?

You' ll need to give more info' for the Subaru gurus to work with - what modifications were made (and I mean ALL), vehicle's age, what rpm you were using, what you were doing at the time (if you were changing gear, you may have selected the wrong one and buzzed the engine), etc. have you been able to remove the failed piston or whole engine, it may point towards something like a rod failure

I can't see a liner being smashing like that with just a "tune", but I have had very little to do with these engines. The top land has failed, but that could be a result, not a cause?

*It looks so bad, in fact, that I suspect the engine had water in the cylinder(s) and it is possible a badly hydrauliced cylinder may shatter like that - had the engine been sitting somewhere water could get into it, or have you crossed any deep fords lately?

yes this engine was broke two day before

the modification are a tommy turbo gt26.5 and an ecutek map (the car was running on this map a 7 month approx).

the engine was broke on a rpm of 3500 3750 rpm i changed from the second gear to the 3rd and one second later the engine brokes

and this water is comming from the engine because i put it in a dry place

and this engine have an age of 1 1 year and a half