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Building a FA2.1 for drag racing which of these cams will be best for boost and shift point of 8000 rpm

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What cams are best for dragracing FA20/BRZ under 15-20lbs of boost and a shift point of 8000rpm? I have attached files below for three different piper cams and a HKS cam. If there are any other cams you would recommend over these please speak up and share!!!! Thank you!!!

Attached Files

Given the expense and hassle involved with swapping cams on the FA20 platform I've yet to see much in the way of solid data in terms of back to back results. Most don't seem to bother and to be honest from my own experience the stock cams would work perfectly in your application. A more aggressive cam would possibly give you more power for the same boost level but you just need to factor in your target power and your budget. For example is it going to be more cost effective to just run a few more psi of boost if the turbo can support this to get you to your power target. If you are determined to switch cams then I'd suggest keeping to a mild grind around the 260-270 deg duration. Some of the piper cams you've listed are designed for an all out N/A race engine and won't work well with a turbo that generates moderate to high back pressure.

Thanks for helping me make my mind up lol. I knew that 1800 US dollars wasn’t worth 10-15 hp. Like you said just turn the boost up or maybe I could use that 1800 towards Nitrous kit or something else that’s more bang for my buck!!!

If you got the pressure balance correct, you may be able to use those camshafts BUT, as Andre said, if you haven't got the hot side pressure down you're likely to run into problems. You also need to consider where the power will be reached and over-cam'ing may not only mean you can't use the potential power because of RPM limitations of the rest of the engine, but you may find there is a drastic drop as you change up a gear as the rpm range is too low.

As Andre also said, you're probably best to use the OEM camshafts, with uprated springs, for the best overall balance - and it avoids potential notching pistons for valve clearance, etc.

As a general guide, I recommend establishing what one's maximum rpm is going to be, and building the whole engine, turbo', charge cooler, etc. for a power peak around 500 rpm below that - if using a stock gearbox with large drops, maybe aiming even lower to maximise the power 'under the curve'.

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