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Building Boost On Jetski

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I'm looking for some advise on building boost off the line on my jetski. Due to not having brakes or anything to hold the ski still we start a run usually around 2500rpm to 3000rpm. I have a Vipec and launch control currently all wired up but am unable to build any boost. All I would need is a 2 or 3 pounds and this should be more than enough to come out of the hole hard. Guessing I'm having a hard time due to the low rpm and the size of the turbo but neither of those I can change mixed with the settings I'm currently using being wrong.

Motor setups as follows

1.8 litter

11.5:1 compression


Garrett Gen2 3076r

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Your ignition trim is set at 20 deg "absolute", this effectively means it is fixed at 20BTDC when launch is active. I think you would want it much more retarded than that, try something like -20 (20ATDC).

Ahhhhh so that's what I'm doing wrong thanks for the input. Also if there's a better way/method I'm open for suggestions.

I'd suggest starting with your ignition advance around 0 deg (TDC) and see how it performs. You can then creep up on your desired result by pulling more timing a couple degrees at a time. You also need to consider rpm in this equation too as the higher the rpm then the easier it is to build boost and the less retard you need. Obviously the problem with a ski is that more rpm means you're moving faster but just factor this in to your strategy.

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