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C125 User conditions, Lap gain/loss

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I was trying to set up a User condition with my C125 that could be used to trigger one of the shift lights when I have done a good sector.

I thought about using Split Time, but couldn't see how to compare this to the ref lap.

Then I tried to get it to work for just the lap just using the lap gain/loss final channel - I think I know what I did wrong with this logic - (pic 1).

I can't simulate lap times with the dash (please let me know if there is a way I can do this), would anyone be able to confirm if the following logic might work (pic 2);

Lap Gain/Loss Running < 0 and Split Time Updated

This should activate the channel when the split time is updated and the lap gain/loss running channel is less than 0 - meaning, for each sector I should be able to trigger a light to come up on the dash.

I have the off condition set so it should turn off at the next braking zone.

Make sense?

Why don't you just make a couple of conditions and just leave them on all the time.

User Math X (ahead) Momentary Condition active when Lap Gain/Loss Running < -0.5

User Math Y (behind) Momentary Condition active when Lap Gain/Loss Running > 0.5

Then set your shift light module up to display a Green LED when ahead is active and Red LED when behind is active. You could similarly make a Purple LED (personal best possible!) when the Predicted Lap Time was less than your Reference Lap Time.

I hadn't thought about that - Not sure I want it on all the time. Maybe for qually it would be good, but I might get distracted by it during a race. I'll give it a go next weekend during practice.

I use gain/loss on one of the bars (typically green/red). Its there if I care to look.

For me, the number one performance metric that helps me go faster is minimum corner speed. I look at that probably 4 or more times per lap depending on track. Second is just the normal lap times.

BTW - you could use the the channel "ADL Display Mode" in your condition to make the light only work on the practice mode, but not race mode. You enable this channel with Functions->Display->Channels Tick the Display Mode box in the Output Channels.

I've found I don't notice the bars which is why I was looking at using the SLM.

I haven't thought about using min corner speed - that would be an interesting metric. Is there an easy way to get that to show up on the dash? I assume it looks for Min speed at x lat g or something?

I'll definitely look into using the ADL display mode - sounds like a good way to define some driver aids/ learning tools I don't need when I am racing. Thanks for the suggestions!

The Minimum Corner Speed channel is setup in the C125 Dash Manager under Calculations->Speed Min/Max... See the help for a description, but basically it "latches" or remembers the lowest minimum speed (which just happens during a corner typically), this updates as you start to accelerate, and will not change until the next minimum (corner).

So you focus on driving the corner, releasing the brake and carrying the speed. Then after the corner exit, you glance down to see "how did I do?". After a while you will develop target speeds for critical corners.

The fastest corner with a significant straight is where you see the biggest drop in lap time with every km/h extra you can carry through the corner. I normally have minimum corner speed on the left, and lap time on the right of my display.

On high-speed "suck it up to take it flat" turns, if you don't drop more than the hystersis amount due to tire scrub it won't update at all. When I go through the carousel (T9) at Road America and it still shows the minimum corner speed from T8, I know I've done it right!

Thanks David,

Have set the lights up on the dash and started displaying min corner speed - I have set it to update when speed increases by 1km/h. Will be interesting to see if I can pick up some improvements over the weekend. I know where I need to improve to get quick lap times... implementation is always the hardest part....

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