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c127 haltech tc4 can protcol

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Is anyone using a haltech tc4 with c127?

I have trouble setting the can up my self, totally forgot how this was done.

If anyone with the knowledge can help me make a protocol for my c127 to read the data it would be great!! :)

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I think your data is wrong - Why would they output a voltage? The info I have (I have a couple of Link users using these boxes) suggests they output 12bits representing temp in Kelvin with the equation K = Raw *2381/5850+23.1 - i.e the 23.1 offset effectively gives you Deg C with an offset of 250. To convert this into the format Motec wants in Deg C with 0.1°C resolution I think you would drop the zero off the 5850 and subtract -2500 and use a bit mask of 0FFF to only get the last 12bits. So like this

I will attach the template. Edit: I had to put the .cc8 into a zip to get it to attach.

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It works perfect!!! Thanks! :)

If i want to transmit those channels for my m150, how is that done? Just copy it and change to transmit?

There is an example in the M1 firmware help file showing how to receive data from the dash into M1. >ECU>Receive

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