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Hi All, (from the UK)

Just wanted to get some opinions of people who have most likely been there and tried it all before. Now the only goal i really have is to learn how to tune EFI (been in the motorsport trade for years and getting bored of nuts and bolts!)

I want to spend as little money as possible ideally, The car i have as a test subject is my Nissan 200sx CA18DET. Not wanting big power or anything, car has very slightly bigger turbo, EVO intercooler, and the usual intake and exhaust set up.

Now my question is what would people recommend for getting into mapping it as cheaply and easily as possible? I have an AEM infinity that i picked up for another project that now has no use, so ideally id like to use that, however i can see potentially running into problems with the standard CAS, low impedance injectors, coil packs and MAF potentially (all old tech on the CA!)

Or alternatively do i not use that ecu and go for a nistune, but then i'm unsure about upgrading to mafless, coils, injectors etc with this set up.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Alex good question i would recommend starting with something that will plug and play to save a bit of time and money if you dont want to change the engine hardware, i would imagine you could sell what you have and buy a link, haltech etc for not much more

Hi Ross,

Thanks for the reply, I will look into doing so.

NIStune is the cheapest by far. But make sure you read up there instruction manual on tuning