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Calculated AFR with HP Tuners

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I have a math channel I created to show AFR during WOT. I have a stock 2014 ZL1 and it’s going to be a few months before I can install a wide band, so I was looking for a way to see AFR. So I thought why can’t I use the sensors to calculate this just as the ECM does. This channel even shows the unrealistic lean area when stabbing the throttle as Andre mentioned in one of his videos using a wide band. It shows this lean condition for only 4 thousandths of a second. I’m guessing it’s from the ECM reading the sensors, calculating, applying the signals to the mechanical systems, TB, injectors, etc, and them reacting. I was wondering if anyone could plug in this math channel and compare it with a wide band reading to see how accurate it might be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Before I receive the “it won’t work for tuning”, I’m aware it’s not perfect or going to work for people that have modded and changed their ECM or components. In my untouched ECM and completely stock car, it reads almost perfectly with commanded lambda from the ECM within a few percent. Cruzing it shows a command of 1.0 lambda and the chart shows 14.70-14.89, at WOT under boost it commands a lambda of .714 (10.5 AFR) and the chart shows 10.18- 10.53 AFR. The pig rich readings are from closing the throttle after WOT. I know the ECM in open loop uses set parameters to calculate the commanded AFR and when components are changed it needs tuning, but I’m also wondering if this could be used as a comparison math tool with some other possible tweaking. Thanks guys for any help with this.

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