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Calculating Unknown Injector Flow Rates

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Hi All,

I have a set of compact Bosch injectors, but they have had the part number erased from the bodies. Does anyone know a way of calculating the flow (cc/lbs hr) or know of a company (uk based) that can flow test one for me? Or is there a way to measure this at home. I have a EMU Black and know I can test an injector output but I don't know what to configure in the output test to replicate 50/100% Duty Cycle and math the rest out. Any thoughts/advice appreciated.


EDIT: A friend has suggested configuring the output test to 1000 cycles, with cycle on and cycle off time set to 30ms. Which should complete a 60 second test at 50% duty. So by doubling that should show 100% DC. I'll give it a go and report back in case it helps anyone else.

hello, i would recommend sending them to somewhere like brands hatch or Abbey motorsport or ringing around any reputable tuner and asking if they have a good injector tester in house,

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