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calibration etc sensor

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Hi everyone. it is the first time I post a topic, I do some difficulty even with the language so I use a translator. I am a beginner I have a problem with a sensor etc which I think does not read the right temperature. the ecu is a vipec v88 in plug and play mode, for a watercraft yamaha 4-cylinder engine. it's a bit of time that I use it with a basic map, now that I seem to have learned something I noticed this problem with reading this sensor, etc. can someone explain to me how to best set this?

thank you in advance

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You may have trouble calibrating that sensor if there isn't a pre-defined option for your engine. The most common ECT sensor is the Bosch NTC sensor which is 2500 ohms at 20 deg C. Your sensor is 54000-69000 ohms so you're in a completely different range. You also can't apply a linear curve between the two points listed (20 C and 100C) as the curve for an NTC sensor is not a straight line.

Personally I'd either replace the sensor with something that has a known calibration such as the Bosch -026 fluid temp sensor or calibrate the sensor you have against a known sensor out of the engine.

hello I followed your advice and I installed a bosch 026 sensor and I must say it works very well

thanks for the advice

No problem! Glad you have it sorted.

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