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calibration the factory sensors in motec ECU manegar

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what is the best way of calibration the factory sensors if we don't have data sheet or information about the sensors do l leave it as predefined table that motec provide ? or I make new custom table ?

You'll need to make a custom table if Motec cannot give you any base calibration information.

Most of the sensors would be OEM anyway, like bosch, delphi, denso, delco etc.

You could always create a test cell/lab and heat up the water temp for example from 30-110c and take your own readings for the sensors and input them in.

We find that many of the temp sensors that are used by OE manufacturers share a similar calibration so often you can utilise a common Bosch NTC temp calibration. Obviously it's always advisable to check that the readings actually make sense rather than blindly believing them. If you don't have a calibration for a given sensor and it doesn't aline with a generic calibration then you can also often swap the sensor out for an aftermarket one with a known calibration. I'd also talk to your MoTeC dealer about getting an unusual sensor calibrated for you.