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Cam over lay causing poor idle

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I have just re-built engine and have installed slightly higher compression pistons and also a large cam. im struggling to get my car to idle correctly. what steps can i take to help with my idle? i have a link g4+ my car is a supercharged mini and running 8.5:1 pistons.


Increase the idle speed. Don't add too much fuel even if the O2 sensor indicates lean (it's probably getting "false" air due to the overlap) -- figure out what measured Lambda/AFR produces the smoothest idle and target that -- I recently did a car that wanted to idle at Lambda 1.4 indicated. As soon as the RPMs came up to 2000, it went right to my desired target of 1.0 LA. The idle speed was 1100 RPM.

Good advice from David F there. Also if you want to attach a log and the tune I will take a look that the throttle and ignition idle control are set up to give you the best chance.