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Cam Sensor Issue

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Hello dear all,

I’m involved in tuning my S2000 with stock F20C with Haltech’s ELITE 1500.

I’m struggleing hard with the trigger and home setup, let me explain:

Haltech sells a PnP harness and provides a base map for the S2000 with the ELITE 1500, then, it should be a straight forward process to get the car up and running, but, it hasn’t been.

The trigger sensor comes defined as Custom, and I could’t start the car until I’ve switched to reluctor, with rising edge and a filter level of 1, keeping the sync to:Full.

Now the car starts, while checking base Ignition timing, I’ve checked for timing drift, and nothing, so everything should be fine. Spark plugs are also new. However, when I reach about to 7500 rpms, the ecu shows a DTC (P0373) which is defined as engine position error. On top of that, the diagnostics tab shows error 4: home tooth count error.

In the PnP version of the Platinum Pro, it happend already this issue, and it looked like the cam sensor on the F20C outputs a random 5th pulse (the oem wheel is a 4 teeth evenly spaced). Error counter increases about to 20 and fuel/ignition cut occurs. I’ve already tried to change filtering level from 1 to 3, and it might happend to occur somewhere 200 rpm above, but nothing else.

1st: has anybody had this issue with the ELITE?

2nd: could maybe, converting the F20C from reluctor style to Hall effect digital sensors solve my issue? The AP2s 2.2L F22C1 from 2006 onwards have moved from reluctor to Hall effect.

Guys, investing so much money and time... for almost nothing, makes the pain hard...

thanks in advance,


Have you checked your crankshaft sensor/signal? Looks like the DTC is Ckp related.

You mean with an osciloscope? No cause I do not have one yet, neverthe less I see in a log how the sync is lost at the moment that cuts.

Yes, best is to check with a scope, to see if the signal gets lost or is inconsistent. Thats a reason for the sync to get lost.

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