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Cam tuning on dyno

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Hello everyone.

After seeing the video of the course I decided to make some adjustments in the dyno.

I started by the cams to see the variation they make in torque.

I attached the tables cames_01 and cames_02 and the results in camo graphics _01 and _02.

The cames_01 table is the initial red line result and the cames_02 table is the final blue line result

I adjusted the degrees in each cell up to 5000 rpm and noticed huge improvements in low loads when I approached the values to 80 degrees.

The tests were done at 1bar.

As I know, without taking out the engine if these values are safe to avoid causing damage to the engine?

Should I use the same procedure for high loads or will I cause too much effort to the engine for being too long in the same cell looking for correct value?

The engine is a subaru impreza with 286º cams with 11mm opening (intake variation only), turbo gt35r and autronic sm4.

Thank you.

Attached Files

Do you have a chart showing AVCS position for the blue line and the red line?

Yes, The jpg cames_01 table is the initial chart (red line result) and the cames_02 table is the final chart (blue line result).

you are talking about the table? What are the units, cam centerline?

The tables are of intake cam angle in degrees, is the description i have in the software of autronic sm4.

Sorry, i do not have much knowledge on this subject.

Does this engine have intake and exhaust AVCS or only intake?

It looks like your cam phasing maps are cam centerline (point of peak lift) in degrees crank angle relative to TDC intake. So 122 looks like the assumed baseline position and 80 would be 42 degrees advanced.

Only intake AVCS.

Is the cam mechanically limited so it will not cause damage?

If so, I could adjust these values until I get the best torque without worrying about damage.

What is your opinion?

well it looks like you are already at maximum advance. I don't think the intake only AVCS can do more than 40 degrees. You can look at your cam position calculation and cam phaser duty cycle to see what's going on. On stock cams yes you can't damage it, but I have no idea with your aftermarket cams.

Makes sense because when I put values below 80 it gave an adaptation error.

Can we conclude that the cams do not damage the motor and we can adjust them between 80 and 122?

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