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Hey guys I’m fairly new to tuning and I want to set up a base map as well as doing the actual tune on my Silverado. how do I go about doing such. How do I get it to idle correctly and run good. Thanks for any help

you might need to increase the base airflow table, and add timing at idle, then start working on your fuel table

How will ik how much timing to add as well as base airflow I’m still learning as I go and having idle issues but also need to know how to do the other areas

probably adding 5g/s is good start for the whole base airflow table,

for idle timing find out what timing its idling at and add few degrees,

make sure you are changing the park and in gear idle timing

record a datalog with


idle desired rpm

idle desired airflow

timing advance

map sensor

dynamic airflow

cylinder airmass





What should I do after I data log to tell what I need to do next like tell if it needs more timing or airflow etc

stit and ltit need to be close to zero, this is the closed loop control for throttle,

timing you check the map if there is enough vacuum and rpm is stable, and overspeed/underspeed is controlling rpm properly

fuel trim also need to be with 2% to idle good

I will try this thanks

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