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Cam/Crank Noise/Sensitivity Issue?

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Hello Everyone,

First time poster here so forgive me for any ignorance to the issue.

I've been researching all over the place on the "noise/trigger" issues on the Nissan platforms and AEM V2.

I have a '93 Nissan 240SX SE. It has a built KA24DE-T. Running the AEM V2 plug and play, Wiring Specialties Pro Wiring harness. AEM trigger wheel being run in the distributor.

Car starts, timing has been set (via wizard), everything seems to check out.

Where the issue lies is that it won't rev past 3500+ rpm. If you ease in to it, it will pull just above 4k but it will not build boost or rev past this point.... almost as if hitting the rev limiter.

Now I've read different things about the issues (even between different car makes/models). Is the pull down resistor talk just dealing with the old EMS-4 or does it still apply with this ECU?

I've attached a link to the ECU log (will need AEMdata) that perhaps someone can take a look at. If something different is needed (other parameters, etc.) just let me know what is needed so I can log that. Please note, this log was taken just in the driveway so it is only in neutral. Same thing happens when taking a light drive down the road to test things.

I can go in to the extent of the motor components, etc. if need be if/where that may play a factor in troubleshooting.

Thank you for your help and/or insight.




That is generally down to either a faulty sender/sensor or something going out of range and triggering a limp mode.

G'day Gerrit.

Are you still running the distributor to distribute the spark, or is it solely for trigger signalling and you've converted to direct fire ignition? If you are still running the distributor, what are your dwell settings?

Do any trigger errors get logged when the fault occurs?

Thanks Gord.


Yes, using the distributor for spark.... haven't converted anything over. The settings are those automatically set up within the AEM Setup Wizard for a Nissan Coil.

Coil Phasing says 0.00

Dwell Max: 3.500 teeth

Dwell Min: 0.051 teeth

Tooth Time Min 499.9 mS

I can get you the Dwell vs RPM and Dwell vs Battery V if needed.

I get sync and timing errors as this happens. That is under full throttle. Once the throttle is released and goes back to idle the sync error goes away until you try it again. It's shown in the file.

I have a Picoscope coming in later this week to check things there.


G'day Ogden. One of those things that its going to be hard to help with, without being onsite :-(. Scope your trigger signals with the picoscope and post them up.

What picoscope did you get? Will you have access to a current measurement clamp at all?

Hi Zac,

Completely understand.

I picked up the 2204A. I didn’t order the current clamp but if need be we can get that coming.

I’ll post the results once I have that in hand and have a moment to do some testing.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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