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Cam/Crank setup - trigger offset?

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I'm working with a Honda V6 with an infinity 6 ecu. I have attached two images, one of the actual (modified) cam gear, and one of the wizard in Infinity tuner.

Looking at the gear I believe the trigger offset value should be either 60 or 660 for a first startup.. is that Correct?

Next where in infinity tuner can the trigger offset value be set? The wizard doesn't show trigger offset as an option for the universal 12-1 hall hall set up.

Thank you


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I know when you're setting up an ECU for the first time it seems like you need everything 100% nailed down before you ever turn the key for the first time, however that's not strictly true. It's useful to have an idea where the trigger offset should be, but the easiest option is to disable the fuel injection and crank the engine with a timing light connected to cylinder 1 to see where the spark is actually occurring.

In the AEM Infinity you can then adjust this offset by going to the 'Ignition Sync' option under Setup Wizard. If you click on the 'Advanced' option, you can manually enter a trigger offset, or you can click the little arrows to advance or retard the timing. The aim is to make the timing you can see on the timing light match the 'Lock Ignition Timing At - ' timing angle. You can set the fixed timing value at some point that's easy to see on your crank pulley (usually 0 degrees or 10 degrees BTDC).

The only point to be careful of is that even when everything looks perfect, you may find that the engine still won't start when the time comes. If the engine sounds like it's popping out the exhaust and won't fire, it may be that the timing is 360 degrees out and the spark is occurring on the exhaust stroke. in this case you can add (or subtract) 360 to the trigger offset.

I hope that helps you out a little.

Just to add a little bit extra onto what Andre is saying,I do the same, switch off the injectors and crank it over but I take out the spark plugs to allow the engine e to spring freely, you still need coil 1 attached with a plug in it on a suitable earth point to allow you to get a spark event to use on your timing light

Thank you for all the pointers. I realize it's not going to be 100% before start up. I'm just trying to reason in my head some approximate numbers in the ball park. Revising my estimates from my first post.. it should be either 600 or 240 for my cam timing offset location. we will see if I'm close, and still use your methods.

Thank you all!

Good point @chris250 - Particularly if you're cranking the engine for a while, removing the plugs is a sensible idea.

Let us know how you get on Peter.

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