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what should I look for when choosing cams for forced induction(supercharged)?



Is it for a civic? D series? if so contact Jon at Delta Cams. Send him your stock cam, and he'll regrind it to a 272. It does perfect and the vast majority of people run that set up in their D series. He can probably help you out with a B, H or K series if you're running one of those

Oh also, he's in washington. I believe his last name is Brodwell if you want to find him on facebook. Stupid cheap too, about $100 plus shipping and handling each way.

Cams for any FI application need to be carefully chosen. in the case of cam profiles for a supercharger it's important to limit the amount of overlap as otherwise the intake charge can blow through into the exhaust during the overlap period. Any cam manufacturer will have specific SC grinds available though and the Honda market is flooded with quality options.