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Can anyone recommend a suitable sensor for fuel temp? (ideally 1/8 NPT)

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As above can anyone recomment a suitable sensor for fuel temp? I'm aware of the bosch fuel Pressure/temp sensor but that won't work for my installation as I'll be measure pressure and temp from different locations. I would ideally want one that is 1/8 npt with as small of a probe as possible to fit into a banjo fitting that goes into the top of the fuel filter that has a 1/8npt thread in the top.

I like this RaceGrade sensor:


Depending on the resolution of your data system, the Aim PT-100 would work as well -- it has a smaller protrusion beyond the Threaded portion:


They look ideal, I'll just have to double check the measurments. Thanks for that

flex fuel sensors output temp as well so if your ECU can read this it maybe another option, putting it in the return line should give fairly accurate temps.

A flex fuel sensor would be a waste as there's nowhere to get e85 here and I don't really want to deal with the associated problems of injectors corroding.

David do you know what the other half of this connector is called? (the male half)


That's a Binder 719. The pinout for Aim is Pin1=signal, Pin2=Gnd, Pin3=12V (not used on the temp sensor), Pin4=VRef (4.5 or 5V depending on system).

The PT-100 sensor has a pull-up between the signal and 5V, but you can use just the Signal and Ground if you want to use your own pullup (say to increase the voltage resolution).

The reason I mention resolution is that I think with the default pull-up, the sensor only varies over a 50 or 100 mV range. The Aim products have a programmable amplifier allowing them to get high resolutoin over that range.

You can google PT100 for the calibration information (resistance vs temperature).

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