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CAN bus decoding?

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Any tips on breaking down an OE CAN protocol to allow aftermarket integration? Useful analysis and logging tools? Would probably make for a good series of webinars. ;)

We are still considering a course on CAN bus that will include some decoding content. I recently did some CAN decoding on a Hyundai Seasall CRDi marine engine and used a piece of software called Bus Master along with a relatively cheap CAN-USB interface. It's pretty important to have a scan tool or similar to let you actually see what the sensors are reading while decoding the messages.

Can Capture is a more complete and professional level product but it's a little more pricy.

Plenty of time and patience, it can take a couple of weeks to fully decode the functionality of an OEM can bus and get an after-market ECU to integrate and run all of the functions seamlessly. You need to go through the process in a very methodical manner, and repeat the process a number of times to be able to ensure that you are actually reading the correct messages. Having a CAN capture tool that allows for the CAN Bus stream to be logged and then replayed either in full, or only targeted messages, is also a very useful tool, as it allows for confirmation and validation of functionality. These tools however are a few thousand dollars to purchase.

linux is a great resource for decoding CAN, but it took me some digging to find that out.

here's some resources for those interested in taking on this challenge.




Sorry i'm late to the show, but cheers :)

i'll be using the USB2CAN : http://shop.8devices.com/usb2can?product_id=54

and the adapter sold here: http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/EasySync/OBD-M-DB9-F-ES/?qs=%2fha2pyFadujDlkq35NWa0Zot3gKfnxUIBy5tgxPV7wd6AQNaRDvj%2fw%3d%3d

Watch those youtube videos, they really filled me in on how to understand reverse engineering a bus system.

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