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CAN - interchangeable equipment ?

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Hi, Just wanting to know if all CAN equipment are interchangeable / plug n play, with different manufacturers ?

i.e. Will an Innovate lambda gauge with CAN plugs in/out ( if these plugs were changed to suit ) to work with LINK ecu ??

( there is the "yellow" cable for analogue output - but to save using one of the LINK inputs).

CAN is an ISO standard (ISO 11898) communications protocol, so devices that use CAN communication are required to meet this standard.

Whether they will talk to each other depends on the addressing structures being used by each of the devices. If the Innovate is broadcasting CAN messages in the same range as the Link, then there will be message conflicts on the Bus, leading to the Bus potentially faulting out. The Link will need to have a receive template for the Innovate Lambda gauge to be able to use the data that is being transmitted.

Which exact Innovate gauge do you have? Older equipment used their MTS serial bus, which was not CAN. Looking on their website, I don't see any Gauges with CAN output.

Hi BlackRex & David Ferguson

Yes now looking at the unit again.. It is an older type, with "serial Bus" ( not CAN ). Analogue input it will have to be.

Thanks of the info !!

When wiring, use the analog signal and sensor ground wires to reduce ground offset error.

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