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CAN Templates for 2018 Honda Type R?

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Does anyone know if CAN templates for comms with the stock ECU are around for any make product. IE Motec, AIM ect. Thanks for your help. Russell

I don't have those, but I have access to a current Civic Type R, and would be up for a project to reverse engineer the data. I could provide MoTeC or AiM templates. I have the tools needed to do this job, would need some factory wiring documentation to understand the CAN architecture of the vehicle.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to pursue this...

What specifically are you wanting? If you just want the basics of RPM, throttle position, ECT, IAT etc for display on an aftermarket dash logger then these can be retrieved with little trouble via the OBD2 port transmitting an OBD2 request message. I know MoTeC dashes offer this option and I'll assume Aim do too. If you want to get more detailed then some CAN reverse engineering is going to be required.