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Canbus termination with Link/Vi-pec ECU?

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Needing a bit of understanding here. I am trying to create a canbus wire out of some cooper Cat 5 wire and I know I need to terminate these with 120 ohm resistors, I think. I know some devices come already terminated but does anyone know if the Vipec/Link ECUs are terminated internally or if there is a way to set like a pull up or down resistor (I know thats a poor example but) maybe in the software there is something like this or does this have to be terminated and the ECU wired in along with the other devices.

The CAN bus needs to have at most two terminating resistors (100 - 120 ohm) connected between the CAN hi and CAN lo signals at each end of the bus. Devices that branch off the main trunk should be at most 0.5 meters away, according to the spec. You can determine if the ECU is internally terminated by measuring the resistance between the two CAN lines with nothing else connected. Some devices have switchable CAN terminating resistors -- look in the CAN configuration area of the devices software.

All Link ecu’s have an internal CAN termination resistor. It is permanently connected and can’t be enabled/disabled within the software.