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Cant get a nice Stoich idle

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First off Andre your informational videos have been great, I have learnt alot that has helped me in many areas along the way

I bought a 180sx SR20 about a year ago and it was tuned with a wolf3d running banked injection and wasted spark and was a pretty even 12.3 AFR across the whole map. After many repairs upgrades and general tinkering, I'm now running a haltech PS1000 full sequential system. I kept the same ignition map because I had run it for a while with no problems so I was hoping if I continued with that at least I'm not going to detonate any time soon.

I'm struggling to get a nice even idle much leaner then the 12.3 it used to be, if it's during the heat of the day then I struggle to keep the 12.3, it's like the intake manifold is drying up hindering fuel atomization, if I increase fuel compensation for IAT then it does improved the idle, its just strange that the wolf tune never compensated any factors into it's fuel or ignition map and it never skipped a beat until the electrical gremlins stole it's mojo and I was forced to upgrade/replace many components.

Below is as much information that I have about the engine, any insight or points in the right direction to have a nice stoich idle/cruise would be appreciated, the purpose of the car will be eventually full track drift car but at the moment its still registered while I fiiddle with all of this.

GTX2860R low mount

6boost exhaust manifold

Stock runners

Stock fuel rail

High impedance 850cc sidefeed injectors

LS1 ignitors

Raceworks 340lbs fuel pump

Haltech PS1000 GM 3 Bar map sensor

BRK7E NGK spark plugs gapped at 0.9mm

3 inch exhaust no cat

Ignition is 20 degrees at idle

Unsure on cams how can I find out whats in it?

That's an unusual situation you've got yourself there. I haven't had any real experience on the Wolf ECU, but the Haltech should definitely be able to control your engine adequately. This is a problem I've seen before on ECUs that include a minimum pulse width parameter for the injectors however this shouldn't be an issue in the Haltech.

I'll assume you're still using a side feed style of injector? The selection of side feed injectors seems quite limited and from my experience it doesn't appear that they have seen the same level of development and advance as the likes of the EV14 that is common place as a top feed injector. I wouldn't mind betting that your injector performance at short pulse widths is erratic as a result of the pintle not opening properly. If this is the case though, the solution is probably a new set of quality top feed injectors.