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Can't get a trigger signal (emu black, 1jz gte non vvti)

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Hello everyone,

I'am new in the world of tuning so i hope it's an easy fix, and i dont tire you with stupid questions.

I cant get a good trigger signal. The weirdest thing is, it syncronised ones and never again..

I got an basemap from ecumaster and changed it a little to fit my application (not the trigger settings).

Do you guys have any idea what i could be?

I have added the tune to this post.

Thanks in advance!

I dont know if you can see the log, but the one moment it got a trigger signal was at 8:40

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  • 1jz-gte-non-vvti-doesnt-start-no-trigger-signal.emub
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There is a built-in scope in the ECU Master Black, it could help you diagnose what signal is missing for the ECU to sync.

Thanks for your reply, i´ve figured it out.

Apparently i made a mistake wiring te coils into ecu.

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