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Car can't stay idling on megasquirt

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Hi, this is a google drive link to see log and current map https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kwoZIrSlZq4o9EgcNc7CUbQvFCmI9glr?usp=sharing it is a 36-2 trigger wheel. But the composite log looks ok to me, for some reason the car is just not able to stay idling. Wondering if anyone have any insight? Thanks in advance!

Hi Henry the file is locked

Regards ross

Link is fixed


Why don't you describe what is happening.

Is this a new problem, or a new installation that you are just getting running for the first time?

Does it start without any throttle?

How long does it run after starting before stalling?

Will it stay running if you use throttle to increase the engine speed?

What are your ambient conditions (outside temperature, elevation / baro pressure)?

Does it only happen if the engine is cold, or only when already warmed up?

It is not a new problem, car got rebuilt. It doesn't start with throttle and it wont stay running if you let out the gas even when the car is fully warmed up.

Perhaps the throttle stop is set too low. Try adjusting the throttle stop at the throttle body.

Or perhaps the timing is too retarded. Can you verify the timing is correct with a timing light?

Timing has been verified still does the same. Did the idle screw but it doesn't do anything.

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