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Car not reving more than 5800 rpm

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i tuned a car on a motec m150 ecu, the rev limit is set on 6800 rpm but car keeps on limiting on 5800.

the only error i am getting is on the primary injectors ok 5600 rpm ( invalid limit angle)

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Could you have a boost cut? Your Boost Aim is 0, yet your Boost is 251 kPa.

Are you running on a dyno? Could it be set to hold a fixed speed of 5800 RPM?

Regarding the boost cut, the boost limit is set to 300kpa g as you can see in the log sheet the ecu us not limiting the rpm.

as for the dyno, car is not just sitting on 5800 rpm it is cutting off on 5800 rpm on each run

Though it could be hard cutting because of missing, replaced the ignition coils and spark plugs but still have the same issue, could the injectors have anything to do with it?

Did you lift off the throttle, I see the RPM drop when the throttle goes to 0. Is this a drive-by-wire setup? I suggest you post a logged data file instead of pictures if you really want help, instead of guessing

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